Project Overview

Project Leader Synge Todo (Professor, Univ. Tokyo)
The University of Tokyo / Keio University / RIKEN (Rikagaku Kenkyūsho) / Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University / The University of Chicago / Kawasaki City / Amoeba Energy Co., Ltd. / SCSK Corporation / Quemix Inc. / KYOCERA Corporation / JSR Corporation / TIER IV, Inc. / TOPPAN Holdings Inc. / TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION / NS Solutions Corporation / IBM Japan, Ltd. / The Japan Research Institute, Limited / BAIT AL- HIKMA, LTD. / BIPROGY Inc. / blueqat Co., Ltd. / Mizuho Research & Technologies, Ltd. / Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc. / Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation / Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. / Murata Machinery, Ltd. / OrangeTechLab Inc. / Oxford Quantum Circuits Limited / NVIDIA Corporation / qBraid CO. / Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc. / Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. / AZLAB, Inc. / FUJIFILM Corporation
Targets sustainable quantum ML many-body simulation for quantum AI quantum/classical HPC
Research Topics/ Groups
  • Quantum machine learning
  • Quantum simulation
  • Quantum embedding
  • Quantum optimization
  • Quantum HPC

Research Hubs

Hongo Research Hub

  • A hub for domestic and international researcher networks.
  • The “Quantum AI Emergence Concierge” has been established for the promotion of research and development planning, research infrastructure, industry-academia collaboration management, external resource acquisition, and talent development.
  • It also emphasizes the hub, which focuses on utilizing quantum computers and classical high-performance computing (HPC) machines to develop quantum human resources, research leaders, and a global workforce.

Kawasaki Satellite Hub

  • A collaborative space for the University of Tokyo, Keio University, RIKEN, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), participating companies, and the city of Kawasaki.
    • Dialogue and study among members of all participating institutions.
  • Creation and revitalization of start-up companies using quantum technology.
    • Located in Kawasaki City, where large companies and SMEs with high technology are concentrated.
    • A hub for the widespread adoption of quantum technology across various emerging industries.
  • Human resource development.
    • Early human resource development targeting high-school students.