Toward Sustainable

Quantum AI Technology

We will create quantum AI technologies by integrating quantum machine learning, quantum simulation, and quantum sensing devices, and realize a quantum HPC (High Performance Computing) platform that allows everyone to seamlessly utilize quantum AI technologies.


The future pioneered by sustainable AI through the collaboration of quantum software, HPC, and simulation technologies.

Under rapidly changing social conditions,such as the declining birthrate, aging population,and the advancement of DX,utilization of AI is essential to realize an inclusive society.However,conventional machine learning requires more significant training data and complex learning models.Thus,computational time,power consumption,and cost of data collection are becoming severe bottlenecks. In SQAI,we advance quantum machine learning and simulation and integrate them as a quantum HPC infrastructure through quantum embedding and optimization techniques. Through the creation of sustainable quantum AI,we will realize a society in which everyone can fully utilize the latest information technology without energy concerns by implementing a “sustainable virtuous circle that generates emergence” in society.

Resaerch and development topics

Research members with diverse expertise and values come together to work on five research and development topics to realize our vision

Topic 1: Quantum Machine Learning
Topic 2: Quantum Simulation
Topic 3: Quantum Embedding
Topic 4: Quantum Optimization
Topic 5: Quantum HPC

For companies interested in participating or collaborating with us

The Center of Innovation for Sustainable Quantum AI is a joint effort of the University of Tokyo, Keio University, RIKEN, the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, the University of Chicago, the City of Kawasaki, and many participating companies to promote research and development toward the social implementation of quantum AI technology. We are looking for companies willing to work with us to realize our vision.